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Why Cats Scratch and how to stop it

Why Cats Scratch and What You Can Do about It

As most cat owners can attest to, scratching and clawing can be both destructive and annoying behaviors. While many people think cats scratch certain pieces of furniture to show they are upset or dissatisfied for one reason or another, this is not necessarily true. Cats scratch furniture and objects for a wide range of reasons, some of which can be stopped with a little effort on your part. If you notice your cat is regularly scratching, licking, or clawing at your furniture or their own skin, it may be due to fleas or other parasites, allergies, dry skin, anxiety or boredom, to name a few. There are a handful of actions you can take to prevent these destructive behaviors as well as numerous products on the market today that are aimed at helping you keep your furniture (and your cat!) safe from scratching.

While certain tactics may work better for some than others, here is a look at a few things you can do to prevent your cat from scratching up and ruining your furniture.

Deter Scratching

You can do this by using unpleasant tasting tape or certain sprays. First, make the areas your cat is scratching less attractive by placing double-sided tape or an herbal spray deterrent. Herbal sprays work by replacing the territorial ‘markers’ left as a result of scratching with an unpleasant scent that will have them turning the other way next time they think about scratching. Double-sided tape helps to prevent scratching because the sticky strips are unpleasant to your cat’s sensitive paws.

Displace Scratching

Most cats need a special scratching spot they can call their own. When they don’t have this, they naturally turn to your upholstery or wood furniture instead. By providing your cat with more appealing alternatives to your nice arm chair – such as posts and boards designed especially for cats – you will be protecting your furniture and giving your cat somewhere safe to let this instinctive behavior run wild.

Dull Your Cat’s Claws

While trimming your cat’s nails should be a regular part of grooming, it is also one of the most effective ways to stop them from inflicting damage on your furniture. If using a cat-specific clipper isn’t quite cutting it, so to speak, you may try sheathing their nails with nail caps. These miracle products last about 4-6 weeks and won’t interfere with your cat’s normal claw retraction, which is a win-win for everyone.

Cat Scratching Remedies

There are also numerous products on the market aimed at deterring cats from scratching. Here is a look at a few of them and when they should be used:
● Frontline Plus for Cats – Used for cats with fleas or other parasites
● EcoPure Allergy Relief – Used for cats with allergies to certain foods and environmental factors
● Simply Wild Salmon Oil – Used for cats who are scratching themselves due to dry skin and irritation
● Bergan Turbo Scratcher Cat Toy – Used for cats scratching out of boredom or anxiety

If both your nerves and your furniture are frayed as a result of your feline companion’s scratching behavior, remember the tips above or look into the listed products. You can also board your cat at Cascade Pet Camp to make sure your house stays intact while you’re away.