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Crufts: It’s Time for the World’s Largest Dog Show

Every year, there are hundreds of dog shows around the world. They are created to show off the best of the best when it comes to dog breeds, dog training, and of course, dog-related products. By far though, the largest and one of the most popular dog shows is coming very soon. The Kennel Club will be hosting specially invited dogs to compete in the Crufts dog show this March.

History of the Crufts Dog Show

The Crufts International Dog Show was first set up by Charles Cruft back in 1891. Cruft was first introduced to the dog industry when he started working in London selling dog cakes. Through this venture, he came into contact with sporting kennels and other large estates related to dog training. After meeting some French dog breeders in 1878, he was invited to organize the first canine section to be included in the Paris Exhibition. After this, he started managing the Allied Terrier Club Show in Westminster until he booked his first and very own Crufts Show in Islington at the Royal Agricultural Hall. The Crufts Dog Show has been growing in popularity and size ever since.

The Modern Evolution of the Show

Although a very different show now, it is still an important one that celebrates the unique relationship dogs and owner share. It was much smaller both in size and scope back then, but now it has expanded to become not just a dog show, but a celebration of all aspects of dogs and dog owners everywhere. For example, besides the popular breed and speed and agility classes, there are also new and exciting events like the Police Dog Team Operational and the Humanitarian Action of the Year award, which recognizes hero dogs through the Friends for Life competition. Rescue dogs like these are now a big part of the show, adding a whole other layer to the great event.

Competing at the Crufts Dog Show

This year, the show will be held near the Birmingham International Airport at the NEC. Stretched out over several halls, fans can take in dog products from companies like Eukanuba, Pro Plan, Agria, Royal Canin, Arden Grange, and whole lot more. Once they’ve had their fill of dog treats, dog toys, dog food, and a plethora of other dog-related products, they can venture to the main event at the NEC arena, located just west of the picturesque Pendigo Lake. Unfortunately for amateur dog breeders and trainers, the show is by invitation only, so you won’t see many small-time operations competing in the main event. Instead, competitive spots at the Crufts Show are reserved for only the upper most echelon of dogs in the world. These dogs already have several championships under their belts or have placed at least 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in their breed class as defined by the Kennel Club Regulations for the Definitions of Classes at Championship Shows.

Why are Dog Shows Important?

Dog shows aren’t just about showing off the champions of each breed or product though. They are mainly about showing off the health of the modern dog. Judges are trained to select only healthy dogs and the products that make it to the show often promote the best care and feeding possible. This exposure helps breeders, trainers, and pet owners from around the world understand what’s considered best practice in their industry and in their breed.

If you won’t be able to make it the NEC to watch the show in person, you’re in luck. This year, you can see the show on TV, hear it on the radio, and even stream it through iTunes and YouTube on March 5th through March 8th. After watching the best of the best compete, you might be inspired to work on some training of your own. If so, be sure to speak with an expert dog trainer about the best training and competitions for your dog and the dog classes available in your area.

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