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Best Dog Boarding in the Gorge

Exceeding Pet Boarding Standards in an Unregulated Industry

Did you know there are NO state or federal laws governing the standards for care of cats and dogs at boarding facilities? That’s why it’s rare to find a boarding facility like Cascade Pet Camp. We’re often called a luxury pet care facility by our competition simply because of our professional, self-implemented best practice standards. We believe if pet owners start demanding the same high level of care, staff training, amenities, and safe indoor and outdoor spaces at every boarding facility, eventually, industry regulations will follow.

Who Certified Your Dog Care Facility?

There are associations that hand out accreditations and certificates, but your local kennel doesn’t need them to operate. In fact, there are several pet industry organizations who give awards and certificates for joining and usually members agree to abide by a specific set of care and ethics guidelines. However, there is no oversight and no independent inspections to make sure a facility is abiding by these guidelines.

How to Vet a Pet Lodging Facility

It is up to individual pet owners to ask questions and inspect facilities before leaving their pets in the care of others. Before boarding your dog or cat, consider the following:

  • Owners/managers should have extensive background and knowledge of the animals for which they care.
  • Staff should be well educated in their industry.
  • Print and digital materials should focus on quality of care based on your pet’s needs.
  • Company should be affiliated with reputable professional organizations in their field.

When it Comes to Pet Boarding, Don’t Settle for Less

Not only was Cascade Pet Camp’s facility designed specifically for pet care, but our programs and standards of care were designed with a thorough understanding of animal behavior and best industry practices. While all of us here are pet lovers, our management team has advanced degrees in animal behavior and years of working with dogs and cats in the training and veterinary fields. We believe strongly in continuing education for all of our employees in pet care and behavior.

On our website, we offer a virtual tour of our dog boarding facility and invite new clients to come in to see us in action. We’ll make your pet’s stay fun and easy and you’ll know exactly what they’re getting while you’re away.

People in the pet boarding industry are normally animal lovers and do their best to maintain high standards. In the end though, it is customers like you demanding the absolute highest standards when it comes to lodging your pet that actually spurs communities into action. Please share this post and help us spread awareness of how to find a great pet care facility.