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Microchip your pet at Cascade Pet Camp

5 Reasons to Microchip Your Pet

National Microchip Your Pet Month has arrived, and that means it’s time to spread awareness about pet safety. At Cascade Pet Camp, we want to make sure every pet has a home and that they stay at home. That’s why we believe it’s a good idea to get your pet microchipped. You may be wondering what this entails and why you should do it, which is why we’ve proposed the top five reasons here.

33% of Pets Go Missing

You’re probably very careful with your pet. You use a leash for your dog when you go on walks. You have a secure fence around your home. And all of your pets wear ID tags on their collars. Unfortunately, this isn’t always enough. Accidents happen. In fact, statistics show that at some point in their lives, 33% of pets go missing. Wouldn’t you be upset if your dog or cat happened to be within that 33%?

90% of Pets Never Return

Perhaps your pet has trouble keeping their collar or ID tags on them at all times. This can be disastrous. When a pet is unable to be identified, animal control doesn’t know how to get it back to its rightful owner. In these cases, they end up at the pound, which either means adoption or…well, you know the worst that can happen. And this happens more than you’d think. 90% of pets that are missing their ID tags when lost never return to their original homes.

Microchipping Means Peace of Mind

If these statistics are worrying you, they should be. When you care about your pet, you’d do anything to keep them safe and at home. When you invest in a microchip, you’re ensuring they can get back home should they get lost. A microchip puts you in control and gives you peace of mind. Furthermore, that peace of mind will last for the life of your pet since the procedure is permanent.

Microchipping is Quick and Painless

Investing in a microchip doesn’t have to be a big ordeal. In fact, it is a fairly simple procedure. It does not take complicated surgery. Instead, the microchip is loaded into a special syringe and inserted just under the skin between the shoulders. It’s a lot like getting a vaccination, so it won’t take long and it shouldn’t bother your pet much at all.

Microchipping is Inexpensive

Perhaps you’ve wanted your pet to have a microchip, but you’ve been putting it off due to the cost. You shouldn’t worry about this, because it’s actually a very inexpensive procedure. While it isn’t free, it’s a manageable cost. You can get it done at your vet’s office for about $50. Plus, many offices are running specials through the month of June for National Microchip Your Pet Month.

Speaking of specials; Cascade Pet Camp will be hosting a microchip clinic in Hood River to celebrate National Microchip Your Pet Month. When you stop by our facility on Saturday, June 27th between 9am and 1pm, you can give yourself peace of mind with a microchip for just $20. We look forward to seeing you and to bringing security to your pets.