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Group Dog Training for Obese Pets

Would You Take Your Dog to “Pawlates”?

If you thought Hollywood was a little too obsessed with image, you probably won’t be surprised to find that their pets have joined the obsession.   Californians with obese dogs are now taking care of those pounds with “Pawlates”.  The new class is a growing trend that speaks the lengths pet owners will go to care for their dogs.

What is Pawlates?

Pawlates is basically Pilates for dogs.  It’s a way for dogs to practice unique stretches while gaining strength and endurance. It is similar to doga, dog yoga (yes, that’s a thing too), and Californians are finding it to be an effective way to get their dogs slimmed down. Pawlates is currently only available in Los Angeles and nearby cities. However, the concept of centers offering dogs unique exercise experiences, like treadmill trots, nature hikes, and swimming are not exclusive to California.  That means Pawlates could be coming to a dog training facility near you Oregonians!

Pet Obesity

The rising trend in creative pet classes comes from another, not so fun trend.  Obesity is a growing problem among Americans as we know.  What might surprise you though, is the high percentage of pet obesity in America. About 53 percent of dogs and nearly 58 percent of cats are either obese or overweight. Overweight pets have a much higher incidence of disease and health problems and are at a greater risk of injury when they engage in their natural dog or cat behaviors. One major study on dogs documented a nearly 20% decrease in lifespan for overweight dogs when compared to their ideal weight siblings.

How to Avoid Pet Obesity

There are several ways to keep your dog or cat from falling into the same bad habits as the majority of American pets and they don’t necessarily involve a yoga mat. A proper diet of healthy, high quality pet food is always important. And just as with humans, portion control is important too. Measure your pet’s food and feed two meals a day, rather than “free feeding”. And of course, many pets don’t get enough regular exercise to keep them strong and healthy.

You may not find any Pawlates classes here in Oregon, but if you’re looking for a little extra exercise for your pup, consider a dog sport class, such as agility, or doggy daycare instead.  Pet centers like Cascade Pet Camp in Hood River offer a variety of activities designed to improve your pet’s health and happiness.